We will be a private security force sanctioned by the government, and will have arrest powers and permit to carry weapons.   We will be part of the community as we live out our so called Golden years.  We will also keep and eye for crime and stop all physical crime in it's tracks.  With the aid of we will be able to see a hawk swoop down and grab a field mouse,  and count the feathers on the hawk.... At night..  Yes we would be able to shut down the area with only 3 roads.  Yes we would be able to repel boarders if the case ever arose.
WE are there to Help and enjoy life. 

Then we start and send tourist to the safest beach in Latin America. Bringing new tourist and new people that want to retire in the area.

As I say we are men of experience in the problems of crime.  We are coming to retire in a beautiful place with some wonderful people and great fishing. And yes, we are going to Protect and Serve the way it was meant to be, before the lawyers..
We are NOT there to take on the Cartel, we are there to stop any physical crime. 
Actually, the Cartel would be smart to support our efforts to keep the public at peace.  Of course we would turn any serious drug crimes over the police, if, and in the event it came in the course of our days work.  But we will not be trying to make drug bust, not that we agree with it, it is simply this. We are there to stop, thefts, rapes, fights, pick pockets, mugging.  And of course assault and murder.  We are there to protect the people of the town and become part of the community.  

We will open an artist internet cafe and show the world CA from an artist point of view.  We will declare our beach the safest beach in the World, and be right.  We start the online radio station
and show the world the beauty of the area.  And then more tourist all year long..
Each Officer will have a local assistant to learn the actions needed and the knowledge needed.
This is not about being a Rambo, this is about asserting a policy and make it stick using common sense.
Fighters, well the next day at 6pm they put the gloves on and get into the ring and the town can watch as they settle the argument.  Pick Pockets and small theft, etc.  We take them to the small island of the shore a short piece and give 3 days rations. If they leave they will serve 10 times the days. Of course hopefully they will swim ashore and leave on the bus.  Of course, we will arrest them if they return.  Kind of a volunteer migration.

Discipline is what 90% of the problems will be.  I do not want to downplay possible danger because it is there.  Just like every where you go now.
We will start co-ed sports teams for the youth and try and give them help along the road of life.  We will play international softball teams.  We will do regular events to bring customers as well as tourist to our community.

The towns are small and can be managed with access when needed.  Everyone has a radio, skeleton crew on duty but everyone else are only minutes away.   We a are a part of the community and we will protect our community and our new friends.

Email any questions
IN progress started June 25 2017

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